Why Fire Tom Cable?

Al Davis has done it again.

Just when the Raiders have the first non-losing season in 15,000 years, how does the Raiders’ owner reward coach Tom Cable?

By essentially telling him “you’re fired”.

That’s too bad because Cable actually had the Raiders headed in the right direction.  His players love him.  Fans love him.  And let’s not forget the Raiders finished UNDEFEATED in its division!

There is a reason why people think Davis has lost his ever-loving mind.  He has fostered perhaps the most dysfunctional environment in the NFL.

Most (if not all) successful organizations in the NFL win because of stability.  My Steelers have it.  The Ravens, Patriots, Colts, Packers and Eagles have it.

We could expand that statement to other sports as well.  The NBA’s Spurs, Mavericks, Lakers, Celtics, Magic and Jazz are stable, successful organizations.  The same can be said for MLB’s Red Sox (unfortunately), my Yankees, Angels, Phillies, Cardinals, and Twins.

Now the Raiders will be looking for its 7th coach since 2002!

Davis should change the motto from “Commitment to Excellence” to “Commitment to Stupidity”.

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