Seahawks Should not Be Ashamed of Their Record

(Joe Nicholson / US PRESSWIRE)

Yeah, I know that the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC Worst (West) division with a sub-.500 record.  That doesn’t mean that Seattle should not host a playoff game.

You have to reward the division winners, no matter how bad their division sucked.  What bigger reward is there for a division winner than a chance to host at least one home game in the playoffs?

After all, that’s why there are divisions in sports.  Teams with superior records such as the Ravens, Saints, and Packers should not bitch and moan about the Seahawks because none of those aforementioned teams won their respective divisions.

Furthermore, teams that were left out the playoffs such as the Giants and Buccaneers definitely do not have anything to cry about because both teams did not take care of their own business.  The Giants deserved not to make the playoffs after choking away a 31-10 4th quarter lead on the Eagles a few weeks back.  The Bucs had no business losing to the Lions at home.

So let’s not panic over something that has happened once in 90 years (and likely will not happen again).  Give the Seahawks their due and get on with it…

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