Week 17 Preview: the Season Finale Edition

I have some bad news.  The weekend will mark the end of the NFL regular season.


Well, at least this week will have some playoff implications.  If my Steelers beat the Brownies, they will win the AFC North and clinch that important 1st round bye.  If not, the Steelers will risk losing the division to those damn Ravens.

The excitement lies in the NFC.  If the Packers win, they’re in the playoffs.  Otherwise, the Giants and Buccaneers will have some hope of getting in.  The winner of the Rams-Seahawks game in prime time will decide the NFC Worst (West).  Hard to believe the winner of that sorry-ass division will get to host a playoff game.

At any rate, here are my picks to win tomorrow…

Game of the Week

St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks. This game will determine the NFC West champion.  And while I cannot believe that we may have the first sub-.500 team in the playoffs.  It’s even more laughable that it will get to host a playoff game.  The Rams should prevent this from happening.  QB Sam Bradford will not lose to a Charlie Whitehurst-quarterbacked team in the Seahawks.  Seattle’s home crowd will not be able to bail out the Seahawks in this one.  Rams 17, Seahawks 10.

Upset Special

Bengals over Ravens. Call me crazy (and other unmentionables), but I think the Bengals can knock off the Ravens.  Bengals QB Carson Palmer had his best game of the season last week in a win over the Chargers, and did so without those Bojanglers T.O. and Chad Ochostinko.  They went back to pounding the football with the run, and the other receivers looked great.  While the Ravens knows that the AFC North title is within reach, look for the Bengals to play spoiler and screw up the Ravens’ playoff positioning.  Also keep this in mind: the Bengals have the Ravens’ number.

“Who Gives a Damn?” Game of the Week

Cardinals at 49ers.  This is for gambling addicts who live in their mothers’ basements.

Sunday’s Games

Steelers over Browns (we need the 1st round bye fellas…)
Falcons over Panthers
Lions over Vikings (hey Brett, do us all a favor and quit)
Chiefs over Raiders
Dolphins over Patriots (why should Brady be allowed to play in this meaningless game?)
Saints over Buccaneers
Jets over Bills
Broncos over Chargers (Norv Turner should be fired)
Packers over Bears
Colts over Titans
Texans over Jaguars
Eagles over Cowboys
Giants over Redskins (Tom Coughlin should NOT be fired)

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  1. The league should not allow a sub 500team in the playoffs. Instead the next best winning team above 500 should be allowed in. This season was garbage and so will this Superbowl. Yet another I will not watch.

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