2022 Week 5 NFL Preview

Game of the Week

Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams

This game will tell us two things: 1) will the Rams right the ship and act like they are supposed to, and 2) are the Cowboys for real or are they a product of a soft-ass schedule. I think the Rams will snap out of it and realize they will be playing a team with a backup QB at home. And hopefully those annoying-ass Cowboys fans — including the most annoying of all, Skip Bayless — will crawl back into their respective holes before false hope creeps up again.

Either way, I’m hoping and praying for an epic beatdown. But unfortunately, it will be close… Rams 21, Cowboys 17.

Thursday’s Game

Broncos over Colts

Sunday’s Games

Packers over Giants
Bills over Steelers
Browns over Chargers
Vikings over Bears
Patriots over Lions
Seahawks over Saints
Jets over Dolphins
Buccaneers over Falcons
Titans over Commanders
Jaguars over Texans
49ers over Panthers
Eagles over Cardinals
Bengals over Ravens

Monday’s Game

Chiefs over Raiders

Last week’s record: 8-8 (am I slipping???)
Season to date: 16-16*

*-Didn’t start picking games until Week 3

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