Kevin Durant Will NEVER Be Happy

Close your eyes for a minute.

Imagine coming into free agency as the best basketball player in the world. A franchise gives you the max, and is able to accommodate one of your best friends in the process. You’re then able to get the coach you want.

Fast-forward three seasons, and you’re somehow STILL unhappy. Now you are asking for a trade.

Now open your eyes. Welcome to Kevin Durant’s world.

He got the coach he wanted (Steve Nash), got to ball with his best friend (Kyrie Irving) and got paid HANDSOMELY. Now he wants out.

I do not have a problem with a grown man making his own decisions and have control over his career. KD has a right to do whatever the hell he wants.

I’m just concerned for his legacy.

I mean, he didn’t win big in Oklahoma City. He didn’t win big in Brooklyn. He won championships in Golden State, but there was already a superstar there in Stephen Curry.

Can KD win a ring as the leader of a squad? The data screams “hell naw!”

Look I don’t know where KD will eventually land, but it’s safe to assume that if it is the place of his choosing, he wouldn’t be the “top dawg” there. His preferred spots of Miami (Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo) and Phoenix (Chris Paul and Devin Booker), says as much.

If I were Brooklyn, my petty ass would ship him to a place like Charlotte or Sacramento. Naw I’m just playing (maybe), but somewhere where I’d get the best compensation, regardless of KD’s demands.

Even if it’s a team where KD desires to be, I doubt he’d be ever happy. Hell if he left a place where he won championships like Golden State, how would be happy anywhere else???

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