Ohio State Ranked Ahead of Cincinnati in the College Football Playoff Is Disrespectful

(Editor’s note: check out the short blog I did on this very subject here. You’ll be glad you did)

Before I unleash on the College Football Playoff rankings last night, let me acknowledge the following.

I know that this is the first College Football Playoff rankings, and that things do change over the last few weeks of the season.

Also, I do not have a problem with the top three teams in the CFB Playoff rankings.

Georgia is far and away the best team in the country. The blew out good teams in Arkansas, Auburn, Kentucky. And while Clemson is pretty sorry, the win over the Tigers in Charlotte was pretty impressive.

Alabama is the clear second.

Alabama beat down the likes of Ole Miss and Mississippi State. The out of conference win over Miami was great, even though the Hurricanes are mediocre. And while the Crimson Tide lost to Texas A&M on a walk-off field goal, the Aggies are 6-2 and currently ranked #14 in the CFB Playoff ranking.

Michigan State is undefeated and is the best team in the Big 10, which is currently one of the two best conferences in college football. Great wins over Michigan and Miami does the trick, though I have them losing to Ohio State (more on the Buckeyes later) and possibly Purdue later in the season.

Even though Oregon had a bad overtime loss to Stanford, their big win at Ohio State (again, more on the Buckeyes later) more than balances that out. And due to their lackluster wins over Cal (at home) and Fresno State (also at home), the CFB Playoff Committee placed the Ducks in their rightful place at #4.

Now I do have a problem with who is at #5 and who they are ranked over.

The Ohio State Buckeyes (remember them?) are not only ranked fifth, they are ahead of another undefeated team: the University of Cincinnati, who is at #6.

That’s right folks: a team who lost a nonconference game to Oregon (AT HOME!), and whose best win was over Penn State (also at home) is ranked ahead of a team who’s undefeated and whose best win was beating down Notre Dame ON THE ROAD.

As you can see, there’s a lot of things that are wrong with this picture.

Again, I know that Ohio State has Michigan State and Michigan to close the season, so things could change in a hurry. And Cincinnati could still be possibly upset by one of their AAC conference foes before season’s end.

But let’s be real about something: the Committee never has, and never will, respect ANYONE from the Group of Five. The first CFB Playoff rankings proved as such.

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