Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC? Bring It On, Dammit!

It’s college football media days for conferences everywhere this week.

Cats like me are excited over the start of the 2021 college football being almost a month away. Being the Atlantic Coast Conference guy that I am, I am salivating over the challenges the North Carolina Tar Heels and Miami Hurricanes will pose to the defending conference champs Clemson Tigers.

But the ACC, and other conferences, did not have the crazy news the rival Southeastern Conference (SEC) provided: the Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners interest and subsequent inquiry into joining the SEC. Now there’s news that Texas and Oklahoma will make the move official in the upcoming weeks.


SEC football is already bananas now, but man this shit is going to be crazy stupid – in a VERY good way.

Alabama-Texas? The shit would probably be the conference game of the year in terms of brands.

Auburn-Texas? LSU-Texas? LSU-Oklahoma? Florida-Texas? Georgia-Texas? Georgia-Oklahoma? Texas A&M-Oklahoma? YES, PLEASE.

And most of all, this would give the college football world Texas A&M-Texas on a yearly basis once again. Awesome all the way around.

Speaking of Texas A&M, you could imagine how pissed off the Aggies are. They thought they were getting away from the hated Longhorns, only to have your own beloved conference interest in and probably taking them in.

That’s what happens when a brand wants to join your squad. And there is no bigger brand in terms of profitability and money, than the Texas Longhorns.

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