2021 NBA Playoff Preview: Conference Semifinals

Now that the Los Angeles Clippers FINALLY put away the Luca Doncic-led Dallas Mavericks, I could also finally preview the conference semifinal round of the 2021 NBA playoffs. So, without further ado…

Eastern Conference

#1 Philadelphia 76ers vs. #5 Atlanta Hawks

Prediction: Sixers in six

The Hawks are scary and all except for Clint Capela are deadly from three-point range. Plus Trey Young is a baller on the verge of super-stardom. Meanwhile, the Sixers haven’t looked this good since the Dr. J/Moses Malone days. This is going to be an entertaining series.

#2 Brooklyn Nets vs. #3 Milwaukee Bucks

Prediction: Nets in seven

Despite the Nets blowing the doors off of the Bucks in Game 2, these are the two best teams in the league. Whoever wins this series will win the NBA Finals.

Western Conference

#1 Utah Jazz vs. #4 Los Angeles Clippers

Prediction: Clippers in six

Despite all the shit I’ve been talking in my previous videos, I think the Clippers match up quite well with the Jazz. Who on Utah can defend and contain Kawhi Leonard and Paul George on the perimeter? I didn’t think so.

#2 Phoenix Suns vs. #3 Denver Nuggets

Prediction: Suns in six

It’s cool to see the Suns getting some shine after years of suckiness. We can thank Chris Paul for that. Also get to see MVP candidate Nikola Jokic on a bigger stage (sans the injured Jamal Murray). Should be an entertaining series.

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