About Time Dak Prescott Got His Money!!!

*Note: I gave my thoughts on my YouTube channel earlier today…*

I’m glad Dak Prescott FINALLY secured the bag.

The Dallas Cowboys and Prescott have agreed to a four-year, $160 million contract, including $126 million guaranteed. Prescott’s signing bonus is $66 million, the highest in NFL history, with a record $75 million due in the first year.

Boy, what I would give to be Prescott’s agent now.

Look, I know that Dak is overpaid. Blame the QB market, as it gets higher year, after year, after year.

The thing is that if the Cowboys would have extended Dak when he had a few years left on his rookie deal, they would have had him on for a discount. Instead of having some cap flexibility in the years to come, some parts may be compromised in terms of personnel.

Blame that on team owner Jerry Jones.

The same Jerry Jones who didn’t learn his lesson from the Emmitt Smith impasse in 1992, yet rewarded Tony Romo rather handsomely with a few years left on his deal. Think Dak didn’t notice the love Jones showered Romo when he was not really deserving of it?

Well for what it’s worth, at least Cowboys fans don’t have to worry about this ending terribly. Goddammit.

Again, congrats to Dak getting his money. You know he is somewhere right now saying this to who all are listening:

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  1. Dak doesn’t play defense….This signing doesn’t change the fact the Cowboys are a poorly ran team who believe offense wins something NOT sure what that is yet. Defense wins championships and even just rummaging through the last 10+years you will notice one thing…Teams in the playoffs that progress past the first round(NOT YOU DALLAS) have either a stud defense OR a stud qb(a team carrying qb) ie Peyton Manning, Drew Brees(not anymore), Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Steve McNair(rip)…Dallas needs reorganization. Dallas needs to stop paying guys as they are leaving their prime…E. Elliot, J. Smith(did he ever have a prime), D. Lawrence(maybe/maybe not). My Cowboys fall into the trap of paying guys who really in the whole scheme of things should be franchised out. D. Lawrence honestly is a hell of a player but if you don’t provide any other competent players on your D-Line, how can you not expect double teams and overall dropoff from your stud?

    Concerning Prescott’s contract, this is genius. Every team wants/needs a franchise quarterback and not for the obvious reasons. From my viewpoint, there are two main reasons to have a competent quarterback(overpaid or otherwise): 1. Win Games(without this guy you are not competing for a playoff berth) 2(Main reason for me). If you don’t have other positions to pay(ie bad safeties/linebackers/d tackle), the team can always roll more bonus money or guaranteed money into a quarterbacks pocket reach your cap while you don’t overpay bad players. This leads me to my finish. The Cowboys are semi competent in controlling their cap space, paying proper players, adjusting your big dog quarterback cap money to make up for lack of quality in other positions. The big picture seems so obvious and maybe Jerry Jones is just posturing about trying to put together a SuperBowl winning team and everything for him comes down to the $$$$$.

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