Rams Did the Right Thing in Unloading Goff – and Landing Stafford

I must admit, this Matt Stafford-Jared Goff trade took me by surprise.

I thought that given everyone and their mamas knew of Stafford’s availability, I didn’t think the Detroit Lions would fetch such a haul – let alone a third-round pick in 2021, a first-round pick in 2022 and a first-round pick in 2023. Hell, I’d figure Stafford would eventually get cut by Detroit.

In return they managed to get a younger QB who, while still capable of serviceable and perhaps good (?), is inconsistent and maybe has reached his ceiling. At least there are the extra high draft picks if Goff doesn’t pan out.

Speaking of Goff…

I am also shocked that the Los Angeles Rams found someone to unload that albatross of a contract. I mean sure, they had to unload the aforementioned premium draft picks (who needs them, anyway?), but as the saying goes, “you do what you gotta do”.

Besides, the Rams are built to win NOW.

They have two of the best defensive players in football (Aaron Donald, and Jalen Ramsey). They have a future stud in rookie RB Cam Akers. Their other skill position players are top-notched. And they have one of the best offensive lines in football.

The only thing holding them back was spotty QB play.

In the Rams’ losses, Goff’s play left much to be desired. Anyone remember his woeful performance vs. the San Francisco 49ers (twice) and the Green bay Packers?

And how about his stellar performance vs. the New York Jets??? OY!!!

The point is, the Rams had to maximize their high-end roster while their Super Bowl window is still open. And what better way to do so than acquiring a veteran QB in Stafford who put up great numbers on terrible Lions teams.

I think this move puts the Rams in the “contender” category in the NFC – no first round draft picks the next two years and all.

Stafford needed a team with offensive talent, and now he has it. The Rams needed an upgrade at QB, and now they have it.

No more excuses…

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