Can’t Feel Sorry for Deshaun Watson in This Texans Mess

Look, I’m not mad for Deshaun Watson for wanting out of the Houston Texans organization.

We all know the Texans have been a dumpster fire for a minute. Former head coach Bill O’Brien has been submarining the roster the last few seasons, culminating in giving away all-world receiver DeAndre Hopkins for some tomato cans.

Hell, the owner of the team — whose father (and former owner) once referred to the players as this: “inmates are running the prison” — are letting a former chaplain essentially run the team. You read that right: a fucking chaplain.

JJ Watt is frustrated. Former All-Pro receiver Andre Johnson is frustrated. And now Watson is frustrated.

Despite all that, Watson still signed a $156 million dollar extension the team offered him before this season. And you know what, I ain’t mad at that either.

Which is why I am not feeling sorry for him.

Teams do not become dumpster fires overnight. As detailed earlier, Houston has been trending downward for quite some time.

Watson had to know how bad the Texans organization is, so why sign a big contract extension? If he hadn’t signed the extension, it would be easier to be moved.

Goes to show that money is not the cure-all that it’s cracked up to be…

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