It’s Official: Nick Saban Is the G.O.A.T.

Whelp, it’s official. And even though it’s not like we needed last night’s outcome to validate Nick Saban’s place in college football lore, it should more than sealed it.

With his Alabama Crimson Tide’s 52-24 thrashing of Ohio State in the College Football Playoff national championship, Saban broke the tie he held with the legendary coach Paul “Bear” Bryant with seven national titles — six with Alabama and one with LSU. As folks say in the sports world, “SCOREBOARD!”

As I said earlier, was there REALLY a doubt over Saban’s “G.O.A.T.-ness” before he won his seventh national title last night?

Before last night’s win, Saban won multiple national titles during in era where parity is more prevalent than it was during the Bryant’s career. College football during that time was a regional sport where there were no caps on scholarships and only a handful of squads could land over 80% of the blue-chip recruits. Only a few of those squads would be seen on TV.

Thanks to the vast increase money in college sports since the early 2000s, more college teams are seen on TV and could afford the “big name” coaches such as Saban, Urban Meyer and Jimbo Fisher to name a few. While Fisher has a ‘chip but is still finding his way at Texas A&M and Meyer’s health is off and on, Saban has been plugging away and is not slowing down soon.

And we won’t even mention the number of previously fired coaches Saban took under his wing and rehabilitated (Lane Kiffin, Steve Sarkisian, Bruce Jones, and reportedly Bill O’Brien just to name a few).

So to all the Saban (and Alabama) haters out there, he isn’t slowing down and is definitely not going anywhere any time soon.

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