The Bengals Have Failed Joe Burrow – and Their Fans (AGAIN)

I hate to say this to #WhoDey Nation, but I kinda saw this coming.

After the Cincinnati Bengals drafted QB Joe Burrow and failed to address the offensive line until the 6th round (!!!), I had a feeling that Burrow was gonna get beat like a punching bag. I didn’t know his lack of offensive line protection would damn near get him killed.

It did get him a near-catastrophic injury.

Burrow tore his ACL and MCL and suffered other structural issues. Bengals coach Zac Taylor was not sure when Burrow will return during the 2021 season.

And that’s too bad, because I really love this kid.

I love Burrow’s moxie, his willingness to work hard. Hell, he’s obviously pretty damn tough because kept getting up after being hit time after time after time (he’s been hit a league-high 72 times).

I also love Burrow’s work on social justice issues. He was VERY outspoken during his last season at LSU, and during Bengals’ training camp he led a march to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in the wake of the George Floyd murder.

His injury sucks on all levels — and this is coming from a lifelong Steelers fan.

Not to further rub the salt in the wound of Bengals fans, but check out this article on detailing the Bengals’ toxic culture. It details the all familiar theme that would make Bengals fans cringe: lack of trust between the front office/coaching staff and the players.

If the Brown family even cares about reassuring the fan base that ownership prioritizes success on the football field, it will do right by Burrow in doing the following:

  • Draft and sign free agent offensive linemen. This pretty much goes without saying in the wake of Burrow’s injury.
  • Hire a scouting department.
  • Hire a general manager.
  • Build a damn indoor facility.
  • Sell the fucking team.

Until the Bengals do all of those things, it will be same old, same old for #WhoDey Nation. Joe Burrow – and Bengals fans – deserve better.

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