2020 NFL Week 9 Preview

Game of the Week

New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

First place in the NFC South is on the line between two of the best teams in the NFC. Will Drew Brees be the first QB to sweep Tom Brady? That depends if the defense shows up and if Brees and Co. can generate consistent offense to thwart a tough, aggressive Buccaneers defense.

The addition of a motivated Antonio Brown is going to make the Buccaneers offense more potent. Brady and Co. have been rolling on offense since their first meeting, and I don’t think Brady will let ANY QB sweep him. If we aren’t careful this could get ugly for the Saints… Buccaneers 28, Saints 17.

Thursday’s Game

Packers over 49ers

“Who Gives a Flying Fuck” Game of the Week

Texans over Jaguars. Yeah I know Deshaun Watson and JJ Watt provide from major star power to this game, but both teams suck hard — VERY hard. I don’t think both fan bases give two flying fucks also.

Sunday’s Games

Falcons over Broncos
Seahawks over Bills
Titans over Bears
Ravens over Colts
Chiefs over Panthers
Vikings over Lions
Washington over Giants
Raiders over Chargers
Steelers over Cowboys
Cardinals over Dolphins

Monday’s Game

Patriots over Jets

Record for Week 6: 6-8 (turrible, straight TURRIBLE…)
Record to date: 51-20

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