Too Damn Early for Tua-Time in Miami

Color me shocked. Check that — FUCKING shocked.

I didn’t think the Miami Dolphins were going to name Tua Tagovailoa the starting quarterback this damn early into the season.

Miami is playing good right now. It is sitting in a pretty good position in a winnable AFC East. The Dolphins are 3-3, a game behind the 4-2 Buffalo Bills.

Former starting QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has played VERY well. He has thrown 10 touchdown passes to seven interceptions. He’s completed 70.1% of his passes. And his QBR, on a scale from 0-100, is 79.6. That’s pretty damn good!

But the Dolphins decided to go to Tua anyway.

I understand that Miami invested the 5th overall pick on Tua. I understand that the NFL is a win-now league where high draft picks are expected to excel virtually out of the gate.

But it seemed to me that the plan was to have Tua sit behind Fitzpatrick to not only learn behind a seasoned veteran who’s had success in the NFL, but to allow his hip to fully heal after he hurt it at Alabama around this time last year. And as I said earlier, Fitzpatrick had been playing well, and Miami is in the thick of it in the AFC East. One would figure that Tua would play when things went south for Miami record-wise.

So what does Tua and the Dolphins have to look forward to now? A game against the 4-2 Los Angeles Rams, whose defense is led by Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey.


Look, by all accounts Tua is a great young dude on and off the field. Fitzpatrick was hyping Tua up when head coach Brian Flores put him in the game late vs. the woeful New York Jets (1nce again, “JETS” = “Just End The Season”).

I really want Tua to do well. I just think the Dolphins are believing in that hype just a bit prematurely…

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