2020 NFL Week 6 Preview

Game of the Week

Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers

Two old, heated division rivals who are among the best teams record-wise in the NFL. Hell, the fact that the Browns are 4-1 is even more impressively shocking.

This is a litmus test for both teams, as both teams combined have only one over a team that’s over .500. The best team Cleveland has faced to the point molly-whopped them in Week 1. Whoever comes out on top will be a player not only in the AFC North, but in the AFC as a whole.

The Browns have the offensive talent to scare my Steelers, though defensively they have been so-so outside the stellar play of Myles Garrett. Speaking of which, I think he’s STILL pissed off after what happened the last time he played the Steelers.

Between QB Baker Mayfield’s injury (bruised ribs) and the team’s recent history vs. Pittsburgh, I have to give the edge to the home team. It wouldn’t shock me if this ends up being a high-scoring affair when it’s all said and done… Steelers 28, Browns 24.

“I Have an Uncurable Gambling Addiction” Game of the Week

Giants over Washington. Why the hell else would anyone watch. I bet their own fan bases would rather see Rosanne Barr naked.

Sunday’s Games

Titans over Texans
Colts over Bengals
Vikings over Falcons
Patriots over Broncos
Ravens over Eagles
Panthers over Bears
Jaguars over Lions
Dolphins over Jets
Buccaneers over Packers
Rams over 49ers

Monday’s Games

Chiefs over Bills
Cowboys over Cardinals

Record for Week 4: 10-3 (still rollin…)
Record to date: 25-4

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