The Clippers Are Downright Nasty

Man, those Clippers are straight hood, aren’t they?

First, Montrez Harrell called the Dallas Mavericks’ superstar Luka Doncic a “bitch-ass white boy”. He later apologized to Doncic, and while the latter accepted the apology with an open mind, I thought Harrell should have been at least fined.

Hell, in most circumstances I would have responded with a shrug and say “it’s just basketball, dude” because let’s face it, a lot of white guys who have played some ball have had that — and worse — hurled their way. Especially if they are any good.

I just believe that in this climate of the racial awakening that has been taking place since the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, everyone has to have heightened sensitivity to the racial sins in this great country so that WE ALL can move forward. The NBA should have done the same in fining Harrell, even though he apologized to Doncic.

Back to the Clippers, “hood act” number 2 occurred when enforcer Marcus Morris “accidentally” stepped on Doncic’s ankle last night. During the third quarter, Morris jogged from the left wing toward Doncic, who was awaiting an inbounds pass. Morris’ left foot landed on the back of Doncic’s left foot, knocking Doncic’s shoe off.

After looking at the replay, it appeared that he was sending a message to Doncic after he clubbed Reggie Jackson while fighting for a rebound. As a result, fans rightfully thought Morris was being dirty.

Here was Morris’s response:

Look, I know it’s the NBA playoffs, where the intensity is amplified by 1,000. The play is tougher, tempers flare more, and is where players become “made men”.

But come on, Marcus. You can’t be doing shit like this.

And this:

And this:

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