Don’t Like the NFL CBA — At All

In the midst of all this NFL free agent frenzy and trades (Bill O’Brien, what the fuck were you thinking?), I’m going to give my quick two cents on the Collective Bargaining Agreements the players just voted in favor of.

There are some good things about it from the players’ perspective.

The minimum salaries increase. The bump in the revenue sharing pool. The pension gets $2 billion more for the current and past players.

The players get more aside from the financial benefits.

Commissioner/warden/playa hater Roger Goodell is no longer the jury, judge and executioner when it comes to appeals and such. Players will no longer be tested/ suspended for weed — how ‘bout that?

So I bet y’all are wondering, “okay smart-ass, what don’t you like about it?” That’s easy.

First, there are STILL no guarantee contracts. The franchise and transition tags STILL exist. There will be 17 game seasons — great for us fans, but not on the players’ bodies.

The players STILL do not get close to the amount of the revenue pitas they did before. Before the lockout in 2011, the players got OVER 50% of the revenue.

Finally, there is still no lifetime healthcare. That is hella important given the wear and tear on players from life in the NFL.

I think even though the NFL players did get a lot of good, they deserve more. How they are still allowing the owners to get away with the franchise tag and non-guaranteed contracts are beyond me…

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