Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens Not Voted into the Hall of Fame Is Ridiculous

Today we learned that only two men were voted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY: Derek Jeter (on the first ballot) and Larry Walker (huh?). I do have to ask who the hell was the one fucktard who had the audacity to keep Jeter off of his/her ballot, but that’s neither here nor there.

At any rate, learning that only two players were voted into the Hall means that there is STILL a wrong that needs to be righted: Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens not elected as Hall of Famers.

If the criteria requires the voters (the Baseball Writers’ Association of America) to consider only a candidate’s on-field performance, why in the hell are they keeping out Bonds and Clemens? Because of shit they did (allegedly) off the field? Hell if that’s the case, why the hell is Ty Cobb in the Hall in the first place (google him)?

Bonds and Clemens were great players before their alleged steroid use.

Bonds was a five-tool player who could do it all. He was a 400-400 (over 400 home runs and stolen bases) player and eight-time Gold Glove winner before his alleged performance enhancing drug (PED) use in 2003. Five of his seven (SEVEN!) MVPs, 11 of his 14 All-Star appearances, and 10 of his 12 Silver Slugger awards also occurred before that time.

Clemens was a stud in his own right before his alleged involvement with PEDs. He won the pitching “triple crown” TWICE (leader in wins, strikeouts and ERA), the American League MVP, six of his seven Cy Young Awards, led the league in strikeouts five times, led the league in wins four times, eight of his 11 All-Star appearances all before the PEDs.

On the strength of those accomplishments pre-PEDs, Bonds and Clemens should be no-brainer first ballots. And even with the PEDs, last I checked they don’t help you put the bat on the ball or get anyone out.

I cannot stand the sanctimonious nature of the Hall of Fame voters. They get to elect scum like Cobb and Kirby Puckett, but PEDs are SO fucking off limits.


It’s bad enough that Bonds and Clemens are on their EIGHTH ballot, but the fact that they are behind CURT SCHILLING (arguably the mother of all scumbags) is sickening. Schilling had 70%, while Clemens had 61% and Bonds 60.7%. So basically Schilling is more likely to get in before both Bonds and Clemens.

That’s so wrong on so many fucking levels.

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