Kobe Was Not Wrong Regarding Shaq

I’m sure if you’re like me, you are tired of the media contriving the 2019 version of the Shaquille O’Neal/Kobe Bryant feud.

Except it is not a feud. Not at all.

Was there once bad blood between Shaq and Kobe? Absolutely. Kobe wanted to be the man and was pissed that Shaq didn’t put in as much work as he did. It may have indeed costed the Shaq/Kobe Lakers more rings.

I would also like to point out that a maniacally Shaq would not have allowed for Kobe to become, well, KOBE — but that’s neither here nor there.

Look, I don’t think Kobe was being disrespectful towards Shaq when he said that they would have won more rings (or “12” as Kobe put it). Most of us sports fans know that Kobe’s work ethic was nothing short of legendary. And Kobe was correct when he stated that Shaq would have been the best ever if the latter’s work ethic mirrored the former.

That doesn’t mean that Shaq didn’t work hard. You don’t have a statue, jerseys retired by two franchises (Orlando Magic and Lakers), and a spot on the NBA 50th Anniversary Team if you don’t work hard. After all, two things can be true.

I just feel bad for Dwight Howard. That poor, underachieving, crotch-grabbing brother cannot catch a break…

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