Steelers Are to Blame for AB Trade Mess

So much for “several teams” interested in trading for Antonio Brown.

The Buffalo Bills announced they have pulled out of trade discussions with my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers late last night, saying they will focus solely on free agency and the draft. This came on the heels of several of those aforementioned teams (Titans, Washington, Raiders and Packers) pulling out of the trade sweepstakes.

At this point, the Steelers may have to settle for less than even a second round pick for compensation. After all, why would teams make a deal for a guy who EVERYONE knows doesn’t want to be with his present team?

And that, my friends, is where my Steelers messed up.

Look, I’ve been on record saying how AB has to own much of the blame for this mess. He chose to act a fool and now his desired teams are hesitant to bring him into their locker rooms. More maturity would have led to both the Steelers and him potentially winning in any type of trade.

I just fault Pittsburgh for letting things get soooo out of hand.

Remember that time AB Facebook lived a postgame speech that head coach Mike Tomlin gave after they beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs? The Steelers front office chose to reward him with a contract extension that offseason.

There was apparently a confrontation AB had with Ryan Clark after he got his first contract extension (Google it). And AB has been late to several meetings in the past, but the coach and front office chose to look the other way.

And I won’t even talk about how the front office and head coach have been empowering Ben Roethlisberger to be a bad leader/teammate which probably led to a lot of the drama in the locker room.

Simply put, the front office and coaching staff allow AB’s problem-child behavior to go on for too long. So as the saying goes:

“They made their bed, so they have to lay their asses in it”.

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