CFB Playoff Committee Got it Right

It’s nice to see my faith in the College Football Playoff committee can be restored after learning of the final top four of the College Football Playoff rankings.

  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Notre Dame
  4. Oklahoma

Good to know that the committee didn’t fall for the likes of Kirk Herbstreit, Paul Finebaum, and the rest of the SEC sycophants who’s been stanning for Georgia to be included into the college football playoff field.  That’s right y’all, they wanted a two-loss conference NON-champ because it played Alabama tough, and it’s an SEC team so dammit Georgia should be there!

(Never mind the fact that the Bulldogs lost to LSU by 20 during the season.)

That is the most lame, shameful explanation I’ve ever heard.  It also shows that the SEC bias IS indeed apparent, and was threatening to cloud the judgment of the committee.

Back to the final rankings, the top three were no-brainers.  Alabama and Clemson won their conference title games and stayed undefeated.  Notre Dame stayed unbeaten because they didn’t play (must be nice to be an independent in football).

The biggest debate was the final spot: Oklahoma or Ohio State.

I felt that Oklahoma should get the nod because of one thing — no bad losses.  Ohio State got curb-stomped by a Purdue team (by 29 points) who BARELY became bowl eligible.  

Case closed.

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