2018 NFL Week 1 Preview

img_7982-26Week One is tonight, and I am FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!!  Check out my picks for the week – dammit…

Thursday’s Game

Eagles over Falcons

Sunday’s Game

Steelers over Browns (it’ll be a close one, tho)
Vikings over 49ers
Bengals over Colts
Ravens over Bills (this SHOULD be an ass-whoopin’)
Saints over Buccaneers (another ass-whoopin’)
Jaguars over Giants (juicy matchup b/w OBJ and Jalen Ramsey)
Patriots over Texans
Titans over Dolphins
Chargers over Chiefs
Panthers over Cowboys
Washington over Arizona
Broncos over Seahawks (an old-school AFC West matchup)
Packers over Bears

Monday’s Games

Lions over Jets
Rams over Raiders

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