Mayfield and Jackson: Best QB Picks in First Round

Now before y’all go off on me for an perceived use of hyperbole, understand something. ALL of the top five QBs in this draft are flawed — some could argue VERY flawed.

Baker Mayfield’s hot-headedness and off the field issues. Sam Darnold being a turnover machine. Josh Allen’s lack of accuracy and performance in a Group of Five conference. Lamar Jackson’s lack of accuracy, size — and other unnecessary racially charged critiques that followed. Josh Rosen’s durability issues and his perceived arrogance.

I also viewed the QBs differently.

I thought that Mayfield and Jackson were the best two QBs of this draft — and it wasn’t even close. I watched a lot of both QBs play the last two seasons, and let me tell you, those two dudes balled out when the lights were at their brightest. Both QBs played in complex pro schemes. Oh, and both were the last two Heisman Trophy winners.

So suffice it to say I was shocked to see both drafted where they were: Mayfield as the top overall (to the Cleveland Browns) and Jackson the last pick in the first round (to the Baltimore Ravens). And I must say with hindsight I can not argue with where they were picked.

As I said earlier, Mayfield was the best QB out of the bunch so him going to Cleveland first overall was the right spot. He is a two-time walk-on (!!) who excelled his last three seasons.

And don’t forget the Brownies are 1-32 (double !!) over the last two seasons. They are desperate need of some swagger and sauce. Mayfield brings BOTH.

The Ravens have plateaued at the QB spot over the last two-three seasons. Joe Flacco is all-world in the playoffs, but has always been so-so in the regular season. Given that the Ravens missed the playoffs the last two seasons, they are in need of some sauce themselves.

Enter Lamar Jackson.

If you saw his post-draft interview, you saw how pissed and motivated he was. And we all saw what happens when you have a pissed and motivated Jackson. As a Steelers fan who loathes the Ravens, it worries the hell out of me.

And I didn’t even mention what the best part about both QBs getting drafted where they were: they are now division rivals.

I am looking forward to seeing Mayfield and Jackson go at it twice a year going forward. Browns vs. Ravens. New Browns vs. the Old Browns. Must-see TV…

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