Tiger Makes Golf Interesting Again

Before y’all jump on my case for hyping up a dude who wasn’t close to contention in the 2018 Masters, hear me out.

When was the last time was there so much hype for a golf tournament, let alone the Masters? Was there this much hype surrounding the Masters last year? The year before? The year before THAT?

Exactly. And it’s all because of one reason: the return of Eldrick “Tiger” Woods.

While I don’t have the rating numbers in front of me at the moment, you best believe viewership this weekend was at its highest in the last three or four years. Hell, casual golf fans had interest in the Masters.

Oh and by the way, I hate to break the following news to the Tiger haters out there: he’s only getting started.

There are reports that say that Tiger is going to hit the weights after finding out what’s its going to be like to compete in his 40s. Dude is going to be all-in, health (or scandal) willing, and that is GREAT for golf.

Now am I saying Tiger is going to rack up more major titles? Nah, at least not right away. However, don’t be shocked to see him in the mix for golf titles in 2018.

Tiger’s not back, but dude is well on his way…

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