Mike Tomlin Should Not — and Will Not — Be Fired

I’ve been down on Mike Tomlin since my Steelers’ upset loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. As a buddy of mine put it, I could write a book on how bad Tomlin handled that game.

I was baffled by Tomlin’s lack of preparation.

It was obvious to me that my Steelers overlooked Jacksonville. A few minutes into the game and it’s 21-0?! Getting pinned by a team from Florida at home?? In sub-freezing temperatures???

I also was baffled by his strategy.

A toss sweep to Le’Veon Bell on 4th and 1? A quick pass on 4th and short? An onside kick with over two minutes left (with two timeouts) and down by only 7? I know the latter two were on the since-fired Todd Haley, but as the head coach Tomlin has the final say on the play run. Why no QB sneak with the 6’5″ 250-lb Big Ben?

Tomlin did not have the best year in off the field stuff. And he ain’t only allowed his players to be undisciplined, he was guilty of that himself.

Why were Tomlin’s players talking openly about playing the New England Patriots in the AFC championship DURING THE REGULAR SEASON? Hell, why did he do the same during an interview with Tony Dungy?

Having said all that, I don’t think Tomlin should be fired. In fact, I think it’d be stupid for my Steelers to do so.

Tomlin has been coaching Pittsburgh for years, none of which was a losing season. Only one other coach can boast the same since 2007 (Tomlin’s first season): Bill Belicheat.

Tomlin has a .649 winning percentage, the highest in the Steelers’ history. He’s led his teams to two Super Bowls, winning one.

I mean, who in the hell would the fans want as the new coach of the Steelers? Jim Schwartz? Jim Bob Cooter? Anyone (Bueller)?

Unless Belicheat were to say “f— it” and leave New England, my Steelers would have a hard time replacing Tomlin. Period…

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