Nick Saban Is in Rarified Air

What more can you say about Nick Saban?

He led the Alabama Crimson Tide to his sixth national championship last night, coming from a 13-0 hole to beat Georgia. By the way, Saban is the first dude to win national championships at TWO different schools (Alabama and LSU).

He did it by yanking a dude who went 26-2 as a starter before last night’s game (though he was stinking up the joint before halftime) for a true freshman who has only played in mop-up duty. Talk about guts.

And, more impressively, Saban did it with a team most fans would call one of his worst. Talent-wise, this year’s champs cannot carry the jockstraps of Saban past champs.

I think I am comfortable in confirming the following: Saban is the best college coach of all time.

He can obviously coach his tail off, making in-game adjustments and making bold decisions that keeps opponents off-balance. Remember that onside kick against Clemson two years ago?

Saban is also perhaps the best recruiter in the game. He has been hoarding top-five classes the last few seasons. What’s special about that is it’s much more difficult to attract top talent because of scholarship limits, unlike several years ago when there were only a handful of good teams each year.

Speaking of which, I am not poo-poo’ing on the great Bear Bryant’s legacy. He was, and always will be the dean of college football.

It’s just that Saban is greater than the dean – he’s the damn chancellor…

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