2017 NFL Week 17 Preview

The 2017 NFL regular season is coming to a close. And what a season it was.

The owners’ blackballing of Colin Kaepernick over the protests over police brutality. The reactions (mostly ignorant) to such protests. The fans’ reaction to the owners and the NFL to their reactions to the protests. The bad quarterback play from most of the teams (mostly by teams who could’ve used Kaepernick). The decline in viewership.

What a time to be alive!

At any rate, I am not looking forward to that long-ass offseason. I still love my football.

So without further ado…

Games of the Week

Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons

The more attractive game is Panthers-Falcons. Will last year’s chokers — ERRRRRRR, I mean “runners-up” — miss the playoffs? All Atlanta has to do is win and it’s in. I expect the Falcons to ball out in this “do or die” scenario. Falcons 30, Panthers 20.

Meanwhile, the question for the other game is this: will the Brownies finish the “dream season” — running the table in reverse? I think that even though my Steelers will concede home-field advantage to the Patriots and play their backups (the Pats ain’t losing to the Jets, y’all), the Brownies will still find a way to screw it up. Steelers 21, Browns 16.

The “Let’s Get This Damn Season Over With” Games of the Week

Lions over Packers
Colts over Texans
Washington over Giants

None of those games carry any playoff implications. If you’re watching, you either need a hobby or a girlfriend.

Sunday’s Games

Vikings over Bears
Patriots over Jets
Eagles over Cowboys
Chiefs over Broncos
Jaguars over Titans
Rams over 49ers
Bills over Dolphins
Chargers over Raiders
Seahawks over Cardinals
Saints over Buccaneers
Ravens over Bengals

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