2017 NFL Week 11 Preview

Game of the Week

Los Angeles Rams at Minnesota Vikings

If y’all told me this was going to be the biggest game THIS late into the season, I’d have done two things:

  1. Had y’all drug-tested
  2. Prayed that y’all wouldn’t go to hell too quick for lying

Yet, here we are. The Rams and Vikings are two of the best teams in the NFC — and I’d also argue one of the four best in the league.

This should be a tight game — a VERY tight game — but I have to give the edge to the Rams. Despite playing at home, I don’t know if Minnesota can score a bunch of points to keep up with Los Angeles. While the Rams won’t score a lot against the Vikings’ D, they’ll score JUST enough to pull off what will be a monumental win… Rams 21, Vikings 19.

Thursday’s Game

Steelers over Titans

Sunday’s Games

Lions over Bears
Jaguars over Brownies
Packers over Ravens
Dolphins over Buccaneers
Saints over Washington
Chiefs over Giants
Cardinals over Texans
Bengals over Broncos
Patriots over Raiders
Eagles over Cowboys

Monday’s Game

Seahawks over Falcons

Week 10 Record: 8-6 (hello mediocrity)
Year to date: 79-52 (gotta keep it up…)

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