McGregor the Biggest Winner

Yeah, I know that Conor McGregor lost via TKO to Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Sure, he was gassed as hell in the 10th round. And yes, Floyd did take Conor to school.

But you know what, while Conor did lose he acquitted himself rather well.

You see, one could be outclassed and not embarrass him/herself.

Everyone and their mama knew that Conor had a snowball’s chance in hell against Floyd in the BOXING RING. Despite those long odds, Conor showed me something – well two things.

First, he wasn’t a punk. Conor proved his mettle against one of the best boxers of all time without flinching. He landed some shots on Floyd, including a big uppercut in the first round. Conor literally had no fear.

Second, he didn’t quit. Sure, the referee stepped in after it became apparent that Conor was too tired to throw any punches while taking massive shots in the 10th round. But you could tell that Conor wanted the fight to still go on.

In fact, Conor said if he was going to get knocked out, then fine. From his MMA-point of view, better that than someone stopping a fight.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t throw this out there: Conor made at least $100 million for the fight. That is before all the money from the pay-per views are tallied and divvied out. Hell if I could get $100 mil for getting my ass beat, sign me up!

And there’s the possibility that Conor may not fight in the UFC going forward. Dude made more money in this fight than almost all those fighters would even dream of. Why would Conor go backwards at this point? For who, for what? Maybe to further build onto his brand?

Conor has what most – if not all – MMA fighters desire: options. Dude has several options to make a helluva lot of money.

In short, from this point in time going forward, it has to feel good to be Conor McGregor…

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