Mayweather-McGregor Is a Waste of Time

I must say, I was shocked that Floyd Mayweather, Jr. agreed to fight UFC superstar Conor McGregor.  I wouldn’t think he’d risk receiving a blemish on his perfect 49-0 record, especially against an unpredictable dude like McGregor. 

But even then, I’d ask the question: why?

Why would a dude who is considered the best pound-for-pound boxer want to get into a ring with an MMA dude?  For who?  For what?

I mean hell, I know it’s because both fighters will make a crap load of money.  

McGregor is going to take home over $100 million, with UFC boss Dana White getting a sizable check himself.  And we all know Floyd is going to eclipse those numbers by friggin’ miles.   

I’ve heard some MMA fans say that this would move the needle further for the sport.  After all, there’s nothing wrong with any publicity – good or bad – right?

However, why even bother?  

You’ve got two fighters from two different sports.  And since it’s going to be in a BOXING RING, of course Floyd is going to win big.  Why even pay for PPV to see this?

The last thing I need is to pay top dollar for a sideshow that will be a glorified Rocky vs. Thunderlips sequel. 

No thank you…

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