San Diego Chargers: the New Clippers in L.A.

It’s official: the San Diego Chargers will move to Los Angeles for the 2017 NFL season.  

Though they originally started playing in L.A., the Chargers will be leaving a place they called home for the last 56 seasons.  What’s worse is there are rumors of a rebranding of the team – name change at the very least.  

Owner Dean Spanos must have believed that the amount of cheddar to be made in L.A. was worth leaving all of that history and loyal fans in San Diego.  

While I think that the Chargers may financially succeed better in L.A. than San Diego, I think this will relegate – and cement – the Chargers to second-fiddle status. 

According to Pro Football Talk, the Chargers will play in a professional soccer stadium for the next two years. Specifically: the 30,000-seat StubHub Center, the home of MLS’ Los Angeles Galaxy.  What in the hell is an NFL team doing playing in an MLS stadium?  Was the Rose Bowl not available?  What if they do not sell out a 30,000-seat crib?

And here’s the thing not many people are talking about: any professional franchise that uses another’s stadium is the perceived little brother.  

Let us count the ways:

  • When the New York Jets moved from Shea Stadium to Giants Stadium in the mid 1980s, they became the Giants’ little brother. 
  • When the Clippers moved to the Lakers’ Staples Center, they were REALLY the little brother – and despite their recent success and Lakers’ failures, STILL IS. 

Look, I know the Spanos family tried to make it work in San Diego.  And while I know San Diego is a great sports town, Mr. Spanos felt that the city did him and his team wrong.  However, there is nothing prideful about being another pro sports team’s bitch in the same city, and in the SAME HOUSE. 

So with that I say this: congrats to you, Mr. Spanos – you and your team are officially the Rams’ bitches…

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