Rex Ryan: Nice Knowing You as a Head Coach

You know what, I really love Rex Ryan. 

I love his bravado, his enthusiasm, the love he has for his players.  I love his defensive acumen even more.  

One thing I do not like about him, is his inability to lead a team.  It happened to him while coaching the New York Jets, and it happened to him again in Buffalo.  

In a move that shocked NO ONE, Ryan (and his twin brother Rob) was broken off by the Buffalo Bills yesterday a week before season’s end.  

I said this before the season, and I’ll say it now.  If Rex Ryan fails in Buffalo, he will never get another head coaching opportunity in the NFL.  

Owners and general managers do not want a dude who talks junk and doesn’t back it up with results.  They want a head coach looking to get his grind on, not a clown.  

Unfortunately, Rex has been reppin’ “Club Clown” after his first two seasons leading the Jets.  Keep in mind that the Jets made the AFC championship game during those seasons. 

But as the Jets, and now the Bills, started losing, Rex lost a lot of luster.  

Players started tuning him out.  Rex’s defenses, particularly in Buffalo, underachieved.  He didn’t care about the offensive side of the ball. 

Again, no owner nor general manager would want a coach with those flaws leading his team.  That fact that Rex (and his brother) is a circus is another turnoff.  

Thanks for the memories Rex, but your head coaching window is slammed the hell shut. 

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