When a Radio Announcer REALLY Hates His Job

This is what happens when a guy wants to get back at someone who once laid him off.  Hell, this is what happens when said guy HATES the dude who did that to him. 

Tommy Elrod was the Wake Forest radio announcer who gave away confidential information about his employer to other teams in the Atlantic Coast Conference, notably Louisville.  The school fired him yesterday.  

You read that right: an employee gave away HIS EMPLOYER’S intel to rivals.  And to make matters worse, Elrod once PLAYED FOR Wake Forest!

So why was this dude turn on his supposedly beloved alma mater?

After his playing days at Wake, Elrod started his coaching career at the school.  He went from graduate assistant to a regular on the coaching staff for 11 seasons.

Elrod wasn’t retained by coach Dave Clawson.  Apparently that’s when the beef began, because Elrod has been giving away Wake intel since 2014 – Clawson’s first season.  

Memo to Elrod: if you hate your job – really Clawson – THAT much, why didn’t you just quit?

At least he could still be deemed employable.  What school in its right mind would hire this fool now?

Oh, and one more thing.  If Louisville football coach Bobby Petrino is found to have received such intel, he should be fired.  

Not suspended, but fired.

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