The CFP Committee Got it Right

While I’m happy that college football now has a playoff, the College Football Playoff committee has made some curious moves over the last three seasons.  

None more so than dropping TCU from third to sixth, even after winning a share of the Big 12 title by beating Iowa State 55-3.  And y’all remember who took TCU’s spot?

Ohio State, who curb-stomped Wisconsin  59-0.  

And while the committee made what some may think where questionable decisions, I will say this: the committee got this one right.  Big time. 

And yes, I know Penn State beat Ohio State during the season.  Yes, I know Penn State won the Big Ten.  

And yes, even I originally thought that Penn State should have gotten in over Washington, whose out of conference slate was weaker than me on prom night.  

However, here is why I think the committee got it correct with Ohio State and Washington.  Both teams lost just once. 

Penn State lost TWICE.  

And one more thing for good measure.  Penn State lost one of those games to Michigan 49-10.  And Ohio State BEAT Michigan – and at Big 12 champ Oklahoma.

(Mic drop from Condeleeza Rice and ’em)

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