2016 NFL Week 11 Preview

img_7982-11Game of the Week

Houston Texans vs. Oakland Raiders

I was tempted to choose Baltimore/Dallas for my Game of the Week, but I think that this game was more deserving for various reasons.  First, both teams are good – very good.  Second, this is a Monday Night Football matchup.

And last, and perhaps more noteworthy, this game will be played in Mexico City.  That, my friends, is VERY cool.

What a great way to grow the game in Mexico than to have two teams with two of the most sizable Latino fan bases (Dallas and Pittsburgh are the two biggest) meet on a national stage.

Oh, and there’s the game itself.  Oakland is on a roll, and should overwhelm Houston.  The Texans simply cannot keep up with the Raiders’ offensive prowess…  Raiders 27, Texans 13.

Thursday’s Game

Panthers over Saints

Sunday’s Games

Bengals over Bills
Steelers over Browns (for the love of God, win a damn road game)
Cowboys over Ravens
Lions over Jaguars (Detroit is turning into a great story this season)
Colts over Titans
Chiefs over Buccaneers
Giants over Bears
Vikings over Cardinals
Rams over Dolphins
Patriots over 49ers
Seahawks over Eagles
Washington over Packers

Last week’s record: 8-6 (back to mediocrity…)
Record to date: 84-57-2 (I’m still doing ok, could be better tho…)

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