My Mea Culpa to #CowboyNation

It’s taking me a long time to acknowledge this – a LONG time.  

Week after week, this team has been winning games in impressive fashion.  Both sides of the ball have been showing out, and they do not appear to be slowing down any time soon. 

In short, this team’s play is worthy of the being considered one of – if not THE – top teams of the NFL.  And given my intense dislike – oh what the hell, HATRED – of this team, the following is the hardest thing I have ever said. 

The Dallas Cowboys are the best team in the league – period, end of discussion. 

Rookie QB Dak Prescott is playing like a seasoned veteran.  He has command of the huddle, and has asserted his leadership that has long been missing in the locker room. 

The Cowboys have another stud rookie who has taken the league by storm.  

Ezekiel Elliott is leading the league in rushing (!).  His 891 yards at the midway point of the season (!!) has him on pace for close to 2,000 yards!

Combine that with the past draft picks spent on what is now the best offensive line in football, it appears that front office (Stephen, not Jerry, Jones) FINALLY knows what the hell it’s doing. 

After all those years of ridiculing Dallas for being an accident waiting to happen, I could clown no more.  Especially when the Cowboys are poised to beat the hell out of my suddenly piss-poor Steelers next Sunday. 

So there it is, Cowboy Nation: my mea culpa from me, to you.  

That said, y’all know that Jerry is STILL gonna do something to screw things up (playing Tony Romo).  Just sayin’…

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