Time to Stick a Fork in the Big 12

The Big 12 conference decided to forgo expansion last night, after none of the prospects (Houston, Cincinnati, BYU and others) garnered enough votes from its membership. 

And while conference commissioner Bill Bowlsby and the schools’ presidents may say this was a business decision, and that none of the candidates were viable (which is actually correct), there’s one thing they didn’t tell us. 

That the Big 12, at least as power conference, is done. Kaput. 

And the conference members have no one else to blame but themselves for allowing Texas to constantly punk them.  Instead of standing up to Texas and its Longhorn Network, Bowlsby and the Big 12 simply bent over and continuously take stroke, after stroke, after stroke. 

Look, I’ve written more than my share on why the Big 12 conference is spiraling the hell down.  Click here and here

The bottom line is this: I’m done talking about this conference.  I really am. 

Until the Big 12 does us all a favor and just implode so that we college sports fans everywhere could move on with our lives, it should stay the BLEEP down.  

Thing is, I know the members this conference can’t help themselves.  

I know Bowlsby will say and do something embarrassing.  I know that blowheart president from Oklahoma will say something newsworthy.  I know that Texas will “pull a Texas” and remind the world why it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.  

I just wish someone from the Big 10 (14) and SEC would make offers to Texas and Oklahoma so that we could be finally rid ourselves of the Big 12 once and for all.  

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