2016 NFL: Week 5 Parting Shots

The Baltimore Ravens are overrated as hell

I know the Ravens started the season 3-0. And I know 3-0 is, well, 3-0. But I’ve been saying that the Ravens were the most suspect 3-0 team in NFL history due to the teams they beat along the way.

The Bills were offensively challenged at the time, and Baltimore only beat them by two field goals. It had to come from behind against the lowly Browns – the BROWNS! And the Jaguars are so bad offensively, me and 10 random dudes could stop them.  

One more thing on the Jaguars: Blake Bortles is a god-awful quarterback.

Then something happened to the Ravens. They played two teams who could fight back in consecutive weeks – at home.

The Raiders and Washington can score on teams. The Ravens’ moribund offense could not keep up with either team. Heck, even though the Washington game was a struggle, Baltimore could only muster 10 points against a defense that is not all that good.

It’s going to be real for the Ravens this weekend when they travel to face the New York Giants, another team who can score. I don’t know if they will have enough confidence to beat the Jets the following week.  

The Minnesota Vikings and Atlanta Falcons are for real

I was kind of sure of the Vikings, but I was VERY unsure of the Falcons. I knew the Vikings have the nastiest defense in the NFL. I also knew that quarterback Sam Bradford is playing out of his mind and is making the Vikings look like geniuses for trading for him during the preseason.  

Just imagine what the Vikes would look like with a healthy Adrian Peterson toting the rock.

Meanwhile, what’s going on in Atlanta is damn near miraculous. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and that offense could always score in bunches. The defense can FINALLY stop some teams.

Week 1 notwithstanding, the Falcons kept opposing offenses in check. I’ve always said as long as the Falcons’ D could just be average – not above average, just AVERAGE – there will be sunny days in Atlanta. Sure looks that way at the moment.

Dak Prescott is, too

Prescott looks real good, yo.  

I know I’ve questioned the competition the first four games of the season. But the way he played against the Bengals this past Sunday was something to behold. Two touchdown passes in a big win. Amazingly, this rookie has yet to turn over the football.  

Yet there is talk that this kid may not start the remainder of this season for Dallas.  

If Prescott beats the Packers in Green Bay next Sunday, there is no way owner/general manager/shot-caller Jerry Jones could justify bringing Tony Romo back as the starting QB. Why bring in an injury and turnover-prone QB when your rookie is playing mistake-free football?

Then again, that’s why they are the Cowboys – an accident waiting to happen.

AFC is shaping into a two-team race: Steelers and Patriots

Both teams have been dominant the first quarter of the season (ugly losses notwithstanding). Both are sitting at 4-1, in control of their divisions, and look unstoppable on offense.

I’ll tell you what, their meeting in Pittsburgh two weeks from now may be the game of the year.  

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