ACC Football Is to Be Reckoned with 

Before I gush heavily over the Atlantic Coast Conference’s football success, let me disclose the following. I have been burned prematurely praising the conference’s football acumen before.  

Here is an example of how embarrassed I was after the ACC flopped in the college football hierarchy a few years ago.  

Could y’all blame me for being down on the conference of my youth? Keep in mind that once upon a time, there were NOT a lot to like about ACC football.

The combination of an embarrassing BCS bowl record, the constant #goacc hastags and the dreaded “Clemsoning” were too much to bear at that point.

Then suddenly, the following happened since then.

A national championship in 2014. A College Football Playoff participant the last two seasons. Two teams in contention for a playoff spot this season. Six teams ranked in the AP top 25 (tied with the powerful Southeastern Conference).

  • #3 Clemson
  • #7 Louisville
  • #10 Miami
  • #17 UNC
  • #23 Florida State
  • #25 Virginia Tech

Two games featuring Top 10 teams from the conference pulling in high numbers. ESPN’s College Gameday hosted at both sites.

Therefore, I think this is high time for me to give the conference of my youth props for becoming a player in the college football scene.

Again, let’s be real about something. No one could have seen this coming ten years ago.  

After all, lest we forget that 2012 was the year Clemson had 70 (70!) put on them by West Virginia in the Orange Bowl. And I won’t rehash that shameful BCS bowl record rom the 90s through 2011.  

So looking at the ascent of ACC football the last three seasons serves as a humble reminder for ACC fans to remember how far the conference has come, while offering a glimpse of the golden age of ACC football.

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