2016 NFL: Week 3 Parting Shots

The Philadelphia Eagles are the real deal.

The Eagles surprised me in Sunday’s win over my Steelers.  Not exactly the fact that they won, but in HOW they won.  Philly basically beat down Pittsburgh to the point where CBS had to cut to another game.  

The defensive performance shows why once again Jim Schwartz is one of the best defensive coordinators in the game.  Carson Wentz did not play like a rookie and had a stellar game. 

Speaking of which…

Carson Wentz is the real deal as well. 

Wentz continued his stellar play during Sunday’s win.  He finished with over 300 yards passing, a couple of TD passes, and no interceptions.  He made my Steelers’ D look ordinary at best (more on them in a moment).  

Wentz is the runaway frontrunner for NFL Rookie of the Year.  He is also continuing to make the Cleveland Browns look foolish for passing on him in the draft.  

The Pittsburgh Steelers are not ready for prime time.  

I thought my beloved Steelers were going to make another bold statement.  I thought they were going to roll into Philly and smack that rookie QB and coach around.  

Man, was I wrong or what?

It was the Eagles that did the smacking around.  Schwartz’ defense shut down one of the best offenses in the league, making Big Ben and the gang one-dimensional.  Hell they made Big Ben look like “Large Benjamin”.  

And that pass defense, Lawd have mercy. Those boys couldn’t even cover a damn bed…

Odell Beckham, Jr. needs to get his act together. 

Beckham already has a reputation of being a hothead and, well, “soft”.  He needs to calm the hell down if he is going to help this team.

Otherwise, he’s going to continue to get his ass beat by the kicking net. 

The Cleveland Browns are cursed.  

From seeing Wentz continuing to do well to having all three of their QBs suffer injuries – two of them our indefinitely (Bob Griffin and Josh McCown), you’d think someone put some nice juju on the Browns.  How the hell else can we explain the franchise’s futility since returning to the NFL in 1999?

Oh, and their kicker sucks too. 

I’m ready for head coach Hue Jackson to throw down his play-calling sheet on the ground during a game and yell, “BLEEP this BLEEP” and storm off the field…

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