Hope Solo Finally Getting Hers

hope-solo-300Looks like the female version of Terrell Owens cashed a check her big mouth can’t cash.

U.S. goalie Hope Solo, a three-time Olympic gold medalist, received a six month suspension from U.S. Soccer after she called Sweden’s national team “a bunch of cowards” following the Americans’ Rio Olympic quarterfinal loss to the Swedes.

Solo’s punishment also took into account previous incidents involving the goalie.  To make matters worse, her contract was also terminated.

That’s right folks, Solo’s ass got fired.

The messed up part about this is that the U.S. women’s national team will sorely miss Solo.  She is not only a great goalie, she is THE BEST in the world.

Why does Solo continue to do and say stupid crap like this?  Why does she continue to put her own best interests before the team?

It’s because Solo is straight up selfish, and selfishness does not play in a team sport.  Don’t think for a minute U.S. Soccer didn’t approach her teammates to help gauge its decision.

As the case with Owens, Solo won’t likely be remembered forget exploits on the field.  And that’s a damn shame…

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