A Plea for Gus Johnson to Call “The Masters”

Masters-LogoThe Masters is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the sports world.  It’s definitely golf’s crown jewel.

What’s not to love about The Masters?  The majestic setting in Augusta.  Amen’s Corner.  The tradition.  Those ugly-ass green jackets given to the winner of the tournament.

Even still, I feel like there is something missing: that one thing that has been keeping The Masters from eclipsing the Super Bowl in visibility and popularity.

Gus Johnson.

For those of you who are not familiar with the excitable Johnson, peep this:

And this:

If it this doesn’t make you a Gus Johnson fan, something’s wrong with you:

Now imagine that unbridled passion blowing up on the 18th green during the last round of The Masters.  The big-time putt on the last hole to win The Masters.  Or to send it into sudden death.


Don’t get me wrong, Jim Nantz does a great job on CBS’ Sunday coverage.  And Scott Van Pelt and Andy North do a good job on ESPN for the most part.

I just think that Johnson’s infectious personality and passion would attract the casual golf fans that have been missing since Tiger Woods’ game went south.

So here is my plea to CBS, and maybe ESPN to some extent:  hire Gus Johnson to call The Masters.  I know he is employed by Fox Sports, but y’all could work something out to get him “on loan” or something.

I know one thing’s for sure, sports fans everywhere (especially me) would be grateful.

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