Navy Joining the ACC in 2018


newaccbrand.jpgTo the fans of the Atlantic Coast Conference, as well as the fans looking for Notre Dame to join the ACC, the following news should be music to your collective ears.

The Naval Academy, long rumored to be an ACC suitor, has announced that it will accept the conference’s invitation and will become a member in 2018.  A joint news conference with Admiral Johnson Jenkins and ACC commissioner John Swofford is scheduled to take place after the day before the NCAA championship game.

American Athletic Conference commissioner Mike Aresco could not be reached for comment, but sources say he is not happy.  In fact, sources reported loud cursing and stomping from the commissioner’s booth at the Final Four moments before the news broke.

“I’ll get that motherfucker Swofford, if it isn’t the last thing I do,” Aresco allegedly shouted.  “That country-ass bastard gave me his word that he would never poach another one of my schools.  Fuck that dude!”

Meanwhile, a representative from the ACC sent us the following picture:


Gotcha, bitches…


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