How About Them Syracuse Orange!

syracuseWe all have witnessed epic tours in our lifetime.

U2’s 360° Tour.  Rolling Stone’s vintage Voodoo Lounge Tour and more recent A Bigger Bang Tour.  Anything involving Madonna and Bruce Springsteen.  And you haven’t lived until you have the “Prince experience”.

It’s time to add to that list Syracuse’s “Middle Finger World Tour” led by coach Jim Boeheim.

I don’t have to recount the crap critics and college basketball “experts” hurled at Syracuse’s inclusion into the 2016 NCAA Tournament.

Oh what the hell, I will.  First, check out this rant by FOX Sports’ Chris Chase.

Here’s Seth Davis trying to play a little defense after he was called out over his criticism of Syracuse’s inclusion into the tournament:

And finally, here are a few from my man Doug Gottlieb from CBS Sports:

I’ve said it once before, and I’ll say it again: Syracuse was arguably a controversial addition into the tournament.

Sure, the Orange staggered to the finish line, and lost their first game in the ACC tournament to Pitt (for the 3rd time).  And yes, the Orange lost to the immortal Georgetown and St. John’s.

But, in addition to having five wins against the RPI top-50 during the regular season, Syracuse did represent in the tournament.  Do I have to remind y’all of the curb stompings it gave Dayton and Middle Tennessee State (where ya at, Michigan State?)?  Y’all forgot about the last gutsy wins over Gonzaga and Virginia?

And by the way, the Orange are in the Final Four.

As much as I love banging on Gottlieb, I would be remiss if I didn’t give him credit for manning up after he was called out.

 And last, but not least, his money shot (which made me laugh out loud):

Ah, haters gonna hate – and type in bunch of exclamation marks and crack me up at the same time.

Before I go, check out this “apology” from Syracuse fans to the rest of America.  Epic…

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  1. The 1976 P-Funk Earth Tour featuring The Landing of The Holy Mothership puts them all to shame. Then when they came back with the Funkentelechy Tour featuring “Flash Light”? Man, the roof came off the sucker!

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