It’s All About the West in the NBA

nbaLeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers has a golden opportunity last night.

They had the opportunity to show the rest of the NBA that they can compete against the elite teams of the NBA.  They had the opportunity to show everyone that they will be a force to be reckoned with when the NBA Finals roll around.

And more importantly, the Cavs had a chance to make a statement against Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and the defending champion Golden State Warriors.  After all the smack talk Curry espoused before the game (Curry said he hoped the visitors locker room “still smells a little bit like champagne”), one would think Cleveland would come out swinging.  And while I don’t know if Green said anything, you knew he was talking shit.

Instead, the Cavs laid down like dogs on national television.  Actually, saying that they “laid down like dogs” was being too nice.

The Cavs got violated.  Taken advantage of.  Curb-stomped.  Pimp-slapped.

Last night proved that no matter how competitive the Eastern Conference is this season, and how better the East looks overall, the title favorites still resides in the Western Conference.

The best three teams in the NBA are the Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, and Oklahoma City Thunder.  No one thinks the Cavs should be considered as one of the elites.

The Cavs lost by over 30 to the Warriors.  OVER 30!

LeBron was upstaged by Curry.  Kyrie Irving had a horrible offensive night.  And last, but not least, max-salary player Kevin Love simply didn’t show up.

Love went 1-5 last night, scoring only three points.  Three points!  That dude has to be the softest max player in the NBA.

David Blatt keeps proving that he is only the coach of the Cavs in name only.  Everyone knows LeBron is the coach of that team.  Did you see him wave off a substitution (or two)?  Most of the team trusts assistant coach Tyrone Lue instead of Blatt.

Coupled with the loss last week to the Spurs, the Cavs are simply not ready for prime time. As it stands now, the best team in the East cannot hang with the top two dogs (and possibly the Thunder) in the West.

So until proven otherwise, the East champion will serve as a sacrificial lamb to the winner of the West.



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