Pete Rose Has No One Else to Blame but Himself

071415-MLB-All-Star-Game-Pete-Rose-PI-CH.vresize.1200.675.high.44.jpgSo by now, we have heard the sad news about former All-Star Pete Rose.  He remains banned for life from Major League Baseball.

Commissioner Rob Manfred made the announcement Monday morning, citing Rose’s continued gambling and evidence that he bet on games when he was playing for the Cincinnati Reds.  Rose was originally banned in 1989, but he hoped to be reinstated at various points up to today.

As I mentioned earlier, I am sad for Rose.  I am sad that he may not live to see his reinstatement.

However, I sorrow for Rose only goes to a certain point.

Let’s be honest about something: Rose has brought a lot of this on himself.  Rose did thumb his nose at the investigation over 25 years ago.  Keep in mind that he did LIE about his gambling on baseball for MANY years.  And when he did decide to come clean, it was only to make a profit by writing a book about it.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Rose continues to bet on baseball legally, even though his gambling got him into trouble.  Manfred viewed it as an “unacceptable risk” to let him back in the game.

That’s right folks – my man Pete Rose STILL bets on baseball.

Manfred later tried to clarify that this does not affect Rose’s eligibility for the Hall of Fame.  But let’s not be naive about this, it WILL affect Rose’s eligibility.

Again, I feel sad for Rose, but he had a chance to make things right a long time ago.  He has no one else to blame but himself.

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