A “Tardy to the Party” NFL Week 14 Preview

NFL-LogoEditor’s Note: My bad on the tardiness of this preview.  The combo of work, son’s basketball practice and mother-in-law’s birthday dinner occupied my brain.  Oh who am I kidding, I’m a damn slacker…

Game of the Week

This is the rare week that there are not any juicy match-ups featuring juicier storylines.  Sure the Bengals will clinch the AFC North with a win over my Steelers, but that’s about it.

Moving on…

“This Will Drive Me to Drink” Game of the Week

49ers at Browns.  The only thing interesting about this game is how good/bad Johnny Manziel will be.  Ugh…

Thursday’s Game

Cardinals over Vikings

Sunday’s Game

Bengals over Steelers (this might get a bit ugly)
Bills over Eagles (call this “Shady’s Revenge”)
Lions over Rams
Buccaneers over Saints
Jets over Titans
Colts over Jaguars
Chiefs over Chargers
Bears over Redskins
Panthers over Falcons (#KeepDabbing)
Seahawks over Ravens
Broncos over Raiders
Packers over Cowboys
Patriots over Texans

Monday’s Game

Dolphins over Giants

Record last week: 11-4 (Not bad, though somehow I was missing a game…)
Year to date: 125-66 (The party bus is still going, so I’m good…)

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