2015 NFL Thanksgiving Weekend Preview


I’ll be traveling and will be off the grid during Thanksgiving Weekend.  Therefore, this will be one, quick-ass preview.

Shall we?

Thanksgiving Day’s Games

Lions over Eagles
Panthers over Cowboys
Packers over Bears

Sunday’s Games

Raiders over Titans
Chiefs over Bills
Colts over Buccaneers
Giants over Redskins
Texans over Saints
Vikings over Falcons
Bengals over Rams
Chargers over Jaguars
Jets over Dolphins
Cardinals over 49ers
Seahawks over Steelers (prove me wrong boys!)
Broncos over Patriots (“upset special” baby!!!)

Monday’s Game

Ravens over Browns (talk about one sorry-ass prime time matchup)

Record last week: 8-6 (Better, but damn those upsets…)
Year to date: 100-60 (Survived the upsets, but I’m still good…)

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