2015 NFL Week 8 Preview

NFLGame of the Week

Green Bay Packers at Denver Broncos.  Two undefeated teams.  Two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks.  A great offense playing against a great defense.  A good offense playing against a good defense.  All on Sunday Night Football on NBC.  This is definitely must-see TV.

It’s going to be interesting to see how QB Aaron “A-a-ron” Rodgers fares against Denver’s top-ranked defense on the road.  He has the weapons on the perimeter to challenge Denver’s secondary, but the Broncos’ front seven is good enough to pressure Rodgers and keep him at bay.  I think the X-factor is the Packers’ running game.  If it gives Rodgers DECENT help, then advantage Packers’ offense.

That said, I do not see Peyton Manning and the Broncos’ offense keeping up with the Packers.  Green Bay’s defense is much-improved.  Look for Clay Matthews to really get after Manning.  The Broncos do not have much of a running game.  And last, but not least, Manning’s arm will not be able to keep up with Rodgers’…  Packers 24, Broncos 20.

“Do We REALLY Need to Watch This?” Game of the Week

Texans over Titans.  Do you think the fans of both teams want to come out to this “game”?  In cases where two sorry-ass teams go at it, it’s a safe bet to go with the home team.  One thing is for sure, I sure as hell won’t be watching.

Thursday’s Game

Patriots over Dolphins

Sunday’s Games

Chiefs over Lions
Falcons over Buccaneers
Cardinals over Browns
Rams over 49ers
Saints over Giants
Vikings over Bears
Ravens over Chargers (this is the “Underachievers Bowl” right here)
Steelers over Bengals (if Big Ben doesn’t play, the Bengals should kick some ass)
Raiders over Jets
Seahawks over Cowboys

Monday’s Game

Panthers over Colts

Record last week: 11-3 (KICK ASS!!!)
Year to date: 71-34 (“Your boy is ROL-lin’…”)

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